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A Special Forces undercover unit arrested two ISIS terrorists who planned to carry out an attack in Jerusalem on Independence Day, the police revealed Wednesday.


A Special Forces undercover unit led the operation to arrest two Islamic State (ISIS) operatives who planned to carry out a terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Israel’s Independence Day, the police revealed Wednesday.

Following the publication of an indictment by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office against Ahmad Ja’abis, 21, and Basel Abidat, 19, for their alleged membership in a terrorist organization and prohibited action with terror-related property, the police disclosed that the Border Police’s undercover unit conducted the arrests in Jerusalem.

On the night of October 28, dozens of troops simultaneously raided two houses in the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood.

“The moment the conditions ripened, we dispatched forces to arrest them in two houses in the village,” said an officer who oversaw the operation.

The indictment published by the Jerusalem District Attorney charges that the defendants acted together and separately to join ISIS and support it in various ways.

In September 2019, the defendants discussed the possibility of committing a terrorist attack at various locations in Jerusalem or at a military base in the Jordan Valley area, with the aim of killing as many Jews as possible in ISIS’ name.

The defendants discussed the possibility of acquiring weapons to carry out a shooting attack during a mass event in Jerusalem at the Safra Square in front of the Town Hall or at the Sultan Pool during the Independence Day celebrations.

They also discussed the possibility of carrying out a stabbing attack if they could not obtain firearms.

Additionally, during 2016-2019, the defendants surfed on various websites covering ISIS military, religious and political activities, and watched instructional videos and read training manuals on how to produce explosives and rockets.

In June 2019, Abidat tried to join ISIS in Sinai but failed in doing so. Ja’abis raised a sum of NIS 2,000 and transferred it through another man to ISIS.

“The special police units of the Israeli police, including the Border Police, will continue to work creatively and resolutely with all security organizations in order to thwart terror and protect the lives of Israeli citizens throughout the country,” the police stated.

Over the past several years, Israeli security forces have arrested several cells in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority (PA) which were inspired by ISIS or which had actual connections with the terror organization.

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