An IDF soldier was wounded in what appears to be a targeted attack, but this is considered to be an isolated incident.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded Tuesday night when his patrol on Israel’s northern border with Syria came under fire.

The officer, a member of the Givati Brigade, was injured in the hand by shrapnel. After being treated on the spot, and with no need for evacuation to a hospital, he continued with his mission.

The IDF believes the patrol was targeted and that this was not a case of stray fire spilling over from the civil war in Syria, which has been the case in previous incidents. However, Israel has not yet retaliated, nor has it altered its security procedures.

Israel’s northern border has been fairly quiet since the incident in January in which two IDF soldiers, Captain Yohai Kalangel, 25, and Sergeant Dor Nini, 20, were killed by anti-tank rockets fired by Hezbollah terrorist at their convoy.

By: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel

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