The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire on a cell trying to cross the Lebanese border into Israel on Sunday.

“Earlier today, during a routine activity along the Israel-Lebanon border, an IDF force identified suspects crossing the border and infiltrating into Israeli territory. The force responded by opening fire towards the suspects, who escaped north, returning to Lebanon,” the IDF said in a statement.

A Lebanese soldier was injured. Whether or not he was among the infiltrators is still unclear.

According to an IDF spokesperson, “an IDF force on operational duty identified a cell crossing the (Blue Line) border. The force opened fired with light weapons, hitting one of the suspects. The cell escaped north into Lebanese territory, and the incident is being investigated.”

The army did not say whether the suspects were terrorists or civilians, or where exactly the incident occurred, Ynet reports.

“The group was made up of two or three people and they crossed the Har Dov area – where there is no border fence,” Ynet continues. “After an IDF force identified them, the forces opened fire and according to the IDF the infiltrators did not return fire.”

“Lebanese media reports made contradictory claims, saying the two sides exchanged fire,” the article states.