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At the TEDxJaffaWomen’s event, Israeli and international speakers will present innovative lectures on various aspects of life.

By United with Israel Staff

In December, Israelis will be treated to fascinating lectures by Israeli and international speakers about all facets of life at the TEDxJaffa Women event in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

What first began as a series of lectures limited to North America in 1984, TED talks have quickly spread across the globe. They are a series of live-streamed lectures given by notable personalities in the fields of scientific, cultural, political, and academics. Each speaker is given a maximum of 18 minutes to share their experiences and ideas with the world.

TEDxJaffaWomen will join over 200 events worldwide as part of the TEDxWomen series, an array of lectures that celebrate the accomplishments made by women in their respective fields.

This year’s featured speakers at TEDxJaffaWomen are Ayat Abou Shmeiss, Dalia Feldheim, Prof. Dan Arieli, Tina Busuik, Dr. Marek Glezerman and Adi Nissim.

Shmeiss, a poet living in Jaffa, uses her artistic talents to help women express themselves creatively.

Feldheim, market manager of a large international company, has climbed up a corporate ladder steeped in stereotypes.

Arieli is a world-famous behavioral psychologist whose therapeutic techniques help change peoples’ lives.

Busuik is a deaf woman, born to deaf parents who didn’t know any sign language. She grew up in a boarding school and learned to survive and become a successful real estate agent all on her own.

Glezerman is a leading gynecologist in Israel who has been doing research on gender medicine for over a decade.

Nissim created the “Street Interviews” project, a venture that enables a platform of expression. She interviews strangers on the street, asks them intuitive questions, and documents the interactions created.

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