Fans of Iran’s late Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic and leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, claim that they forced Instagram to reopen a memorial account in his honor.

Instagram, the social media photo-sharing site which had blocked the memorial account for the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran who had led the Islamic Revolution in 1979, was “forced” to reactivate the page due to protest letters from supporters and “media backlash,” Iran’s Fars News reports.

The account, which reportedly had over 100,000 followers and displayed thousands of photos, was deactivated, ostensibly for technical reasons.

After “several media reports” and “thousands of letters” to the site owners were written to protest the move as “a clear violation of the freedom of speech,” Instagram was allegedly forced to reactivate the page.

After the initial closing, Khomeini supporters created a new account under the name emamKhomeiny, which they said would continue to post photos and remarks of “the great leader.” The new account attracted over 22,000 followers in just two days, the account holders claim.

Fars News had criticized the termination of the account of “a leader who has been admired and loved by tens of millions of people.” At the same time, the article continues, there are “millions of Instagram accounts containing violent and obscene contents,” including pages belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist groups, “which even release images of the beheadings done by them.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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