The State of Israel is replaced by “Palestine” on the website for Tefal, a well-known French owned manufacturer of non-stick cooking ware.

Tefal, an international manufacturer of non-stick cookware and, in particular, the famous Teflon pans, includes “Palestine” on its website as a location carrying the company’s products, but omits Israel, Israel Hayom reports.The manufacturer is owned by Groupe SEB, a premier French consortium that produces small appliances.

Tefal's website has Palestine listed and not Israel.

Tefal’s website has Palestine listed and not Israel.

When Companies Pretend Israel Doesn’t Exist

According to Israel Hayom,the Tefal site, in its list of countries with contact information for customers, also lists “Palestine” rather than Israel. This is despite the fact that the office listed in “Palestine” is in fact located in an industrial area in Jerusalem known by the biblical Hebrew name Atarot and is not situated in an Arab neighborhood. Newpan, an importer of Tefal products with several outlets in Israel, was “very surprised” about the replacing of Israel with “Palestine” on its site, adding that “the matter will be dealt with as swiftly as possible,” Israel Hayom writes.

Celebrate Israel’s Unique Flavors

Despite Tefal’s attempts to ignore Israel, many foodies hold Israel and it’s cuisine in high regards.Saveur Magazine, a prestigious American magazine featuring gourmet food and wine, recently ranked Tel Aviv as “outstanding” in the category of Best Culinary Destination.

This rating put the cosmopolitan Israeli city in the league of Florence, Italy, and Lyon, France – two cities renowned for their culinary delights. See what Israeli cuisine has to offer: click here for your free copy of ‘Jewish Recipes from Israel’.  

Author: United with Israel Staff