Islamic Jihad terrorists. (AP/Adel Hana) (AP/Adel Hana)


Iran, intent on destroying the “Zionist regime,” is renewing financial support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group to the tune of $70 million.

The Iranian government will renew its financial support for the Gaza-based Islamic Jihad Palestinian terrorist group after cutting off that funding for two years amid strained relations, the London-based Arabic daily newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday.

Iran’s renewed support follows Islamic Jihad leaders’ trip to Iran in April, in which the terrorist organization’s visiting delegation and Iranian leaders discussed how to strengthen violence against Israel.

“The defense of Palestine amounts to a defense of Islam,” Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Abdullah Shalah said in April.

“The Arab states did not support the popular uprising in Palestine and will never support it since it contradicts their leaders’ agendas. Iran is the only state that supports the intifada and the martyrs’ families,” added Shalah.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei emphasized Iran’s support of the Palestinians during the meeting, and said that “the necessity of countering the Zionist regime” is among Iran’s top priorities. “Therefore, defending the Palestinian cause is naturally enshrined in the nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Khamenei declared.

Islamic Jihad’s Quds Brigades will now receive $70 million directly from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC). The Quds Brigades—known as Islamic Jihad’s “military wing”—was reorganized by Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force. Khaled Mansour, a confidant of Iran, will now command the Quds Brigades.

Iran had reportedly cut funding to the Palestinian terror group over the latter’s refusal to support Iran’s proxy in Yemen, the Shi’a-Muslim Houthi rebels.

Iran provides vast support to Palestinian terror organizations, including Hamas which rules Gaza, as part of its support of a global Islamic terror network.

By: and United with Israel Staff

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