Deputy Defense Minister and Head of Iran’s Aerospace Organization General Mehdi Farah made the following declaration: ”Our missiles have the capability of being launched from boats with the speed of over 30 knots.”

Another Iranian defense official followed this up by saying: “Iran’s speedboats can carry multiple kinds of anti-ship cruise missiles, and fire them while traveling at speeds higher than missile boats in any other navy in the world.”

In May, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy claimed: “All throughout the world, Iran is the only country which has speed vessels with the ability of firing (rockets and missile) at high speeds.”

United States military assessments which have been declassified describe Iran’s naval warfare doctrine as dependent on “swarming” tactics, in which high numbers of small, fast, highly maneuverable ships attack a larger, slower vessel in crowded waters. Iran’s navy is indeed capable of inflicting considerable damage to ships in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf according to these assessments.

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