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ISIS supporters continue to spread the terror group’s murderous message worldwide on the web – most recently in Australia.

Hackers identifying themselves as Islamic State (ISIS) sympathizers shut down on Sunday the website of Hobart International Airport, a small Australian airport in Tasmania which no longer services international flights, and posted threatening messages from the terrorists.

The hackers, calling themselves Team System DZ, declared in their message: “I am Muslim & I love jihad/I love ISIS.”

“Islamic State will restore dignity for Muslims. Will purge the land of the Muslims from the hypocrites infidels” and “equip you to dwell in cemeteries.”

“F**k USA & Israel,” they stated in bold red letters on the bottom of the message.

The website was out of commission for a number of hours. The menacing message was eventually replaced with an apology by the site owner, referring passengers to the websites of the airlines for flight information. The site was again fully operational by Monday.

Police noted that no threats were made to the airport itself, activities carried on as usual and there was no danger. Australian Federal Police launched an investigation into the incident.

Australia Homegrown Terror

A hostage runs to police for safety in Australia after escaping a cafe attacked by a Muslim terrorist in Dec. 2014. (AP/Rob Griffith)

Authorities said that identical messages had be placed on websites around the world since late 2014. “The group claiming responsibility for the hacking appears to non-discriminately target organizations who use web hosts such as the one used by Hobart International Airport,” police said.

The airport said in a statement that it was reviewing its website security.

Australian security forces have been combating terror threats in recent months since Man Haron Monis, an ISIS-inspired terrorist originally from Iran, murdered two people in Sydney after a prolonged standoff with Australian security forces in December 2014.

Like many other Western countries, Australia is dealing with a growing wave of youngsters from around the world who join ISIS and then return home to establish terror networks with the training, knowledge and experience accumulated.

By: United with Israel Staff

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