Planning for the future, the Islamic State preys on sick and orphaned children, indoctrinating them in its brutal ways in a bid for continuity.

A terror group turned caliphate, the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) is preparing for continued torture of non-Muslim “infidels,” forced conversions, and mass executions by breeding a new generation of “holy warriors.”

Referring to them as ashbal, “lion cubs” in Arabic, ISIS approaches ill and parent-less youth under the guise of providing humanitarian benefits, all the while grooming them to become cogs in a well-oiled killing machine. These children are the focal point of ISIS outreach, known as da’wa—a practice openly publicized by the caliphate, according to a recent report by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Children held by ISIS not only train in military combat, but evidence shows they also take an active part in wholesale massacres, shooting rifles at victims of the Islamic State. A break off from Al-Qaeda, which deemed it too radical, ISIS crucifies, beheads, rapes and tortures Christians, women, and non-Muslim minorities who refuse to convert, committing full-scale genocide, as was the case for the Yazidi community in Iraq.

Murder ‘All the Infidels,’ ISIS Teaches Children

In disturbing videos of ISIS-trained youth, children as young five and six answer questions from terrorists who make them repeat slogans such as “The Islamic State is here to stay!” and respond that they will “kill all the infidels,” including Americans, Europeans, and Russians, “because they killed Muslims.”

ISIS circulates these clips on social media to further encourage Muslims to join them in their self-proclaimed goal of absolute global control.

The propaganda wing of the Islamic State, the Alhayat media center, recently released even more harrowing footage of the extent of the indoctrination, depicting Kazakh children held at the ISIS training camp for boys. When the clip, entitled “Race Towards God,” ends, a young boy recites Quranic verses and proclaims, “Right now we’re training in the camp. We’re going to kill you O kuffar [infidels]. In’shallah [God willing], we will slaughter you.”

These children are even compelled to reenact ISIS’ most gruesome and widespread terrorist acts, like the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley. They also bring these children to giant rallies where ISIS caliphate honchos perform bloody public executions, MEMRI reports.

ISIS Beats Children During ‘Combat Training’:

The following is a video ISIS filmed at a da’wa indoctrination ceremony, in which they beat and kick children to teach them to be Islamic State jihadists. (Warning: Disturbing Content)

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