ISIS is working hard to indoctrinate the next generation with its fundamentalist ideology, posing grave danger to these children and ultimately to civilized nations. 

Over 670,000 children in Syria have been deprived of education after the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) ordered schools to be closed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports.

Schools will be reopened only after the curriculum is Islamicized, with “religion” replacing standard subjects.

“In December there was a decree of the Islamic State ordering the stoppage of education in areas under its control…. This is seriously affecting the schooling of an estimated 670,000 children,” the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) spokesman, Christophe Boulierac, told the press.

Indoctrination and Training for Teachers

ISIS ordered that schools teach only those texts that were “compliant with religious rules,” Boulierac said, adding that teachers in ISIS- controlled areas of Raqqa, Deir-al-Zor and Aleppo are to undergo the proper indoctrination and training.

SOHR adds that ISIS intends to eliminate all courses except the teaching of Islamic dogmas, as it regards subjects like mathematics, philosophy, and chemistry as “blasphemous.”

An unknown Islamic source authored a handbook with guidelines on how to optimally raise a baby to become a Jihadist fighter, which was warmly embraced and dispersed by ISIS.

The handbook, titled Sister’s Role in Jihad, teaches mothers how to indoctrinate their children with Jihadist values.

ISIS Murders Syrian Children

Children were also the target of ISIS strikes on schools, UNICEF reported. At least 160 pupils died and 343 were wounded in school strikes.

“In addition to lack of school access, attacks on schools, teachers and students are further horrific reminders of the terrible price Syria’s children are paying in a crisis approaching its fifth year,” Hanaa Singer, UNICEF representative in Syria, stated.

An Entire Generation in Danger

“No matter what happens in Iraq and Syria in the near future, the next generation – the children of [Islamic State “caliph” Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi and grandchildren of [Osama] bin Laden — have already been brainwashed to hate the West and to strive for jihad and martyrdom,” Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which exposed the handbook, told the Daily Mail.

By: Aryeh Savir

Staff Writer, United with Israel

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