Islamic terror has once again shocked the French nation, with a horrific beheading and explosion at a gas factory in southeastern France.

A body was found decapitated outside the entrance to the factory, along with an Islamic State (ISIS) flag and Arabic writing.

France’s top security official was rushed to the scene. The official said two attackers arrived in a car, bearing banners written in Arabic, and set off an explosion. One of the attackers was arrested.

French authorities have opened a terrorism investigation after an attack and explosion at a gas factory that left one person decapitated and several wounded.

Banners with Arabic inscriptions were found near the body, an official said.

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor swiftly opened an investigation.

Details of the attack were sketchy but two French officials said it began mid-morning in the Isere region when two men crashed a car into the entrance of the factory and into gas canisters, touching off the explosion. One attacker was arrested, they said.

Today’s attack occurred was less than six months after Islamic terror struck Paris resulting in 17 murders, including shootings attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters and the Hypercacher Kosher supermarket targeting Jewish shoppers.

Credit: AP/Lori Hinnant and UWI staff