People lay flowers near the site of the attack. (AP/Dmitri Lovetsky) (AP/Dmitri Lovetsky)
St. Petersburg attack

Israel, an experienced victim of Islamic terror, extended its sympathy and condolences to St. Petersburg in wake of the terror attack.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday conveyed Israel’s condolences to the Russian people following the bombing of a subway in St. Petersburg, which killed 14 and wounded over 50.

“On behalf of the Government of Israel, I send condolences to President Putin and to the families of those who were murdered following today’s bombing on the St. Petersburg subway,” Netanyahu stated. “The citizens of Israel stand alongside the Russian people at this difficult time,” he underscored.

Tel Aviv’s city hall was lit in the colors of the Russian flag in solidarity with the Russian people. “I am shocked by the terror attack at St. Petersburg, a partner city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Sending my honest condolences,” Tel Aviv’s Mayor Ron Huldai wrote on Facebook.

The explosion is believed to be a suicide attack carried out by an Islamic bomber who left an explosive device at a subway station and then blew himself up on the train.

He has been identified as someone coming from central Asia, aged 23.

According to reports, Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee is working with the Russian Federal Security Service to investigate the attack.

Kyrgyzstan’s intelligence agency says it identified the bomber as a Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen.

The terrorist suspected of carrying out the deadly bombing had links to radical Islamist groups operating in Russia, a law enforcement source told Russia’s Sputnik News.

“The terrorist suspect had close ties with radical Islamist groups operating in Russia. These groups have already been under investigation by Russian security bodies,” the source said.

The source declined to provide the names and details on the origin of these groups.

In a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump strongly condemned the attack and offered assistance in fighting terrorism, the White House said Tuesday in a statement. “Both President Trump and President Putin agreed terrorism must be decisively and quickly defeated,” the statement reads.

Trump also extended his condolences to the victims and their families.

By: United with Israel Staff

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