Danny Danon. (Shahar Azran) Shahar Azran


“Israel is on your side,” the Jewish state’s UN envoy told the Iranian people in Persian in remarks delivered at a Security Council debate on the Middle East on Tuesday.

By Algemeiner Staff

Addressing Iranians directly, Danny Danon noted, “You have a tremendously rich heritage that you should be proud of. You gave the world its first declaration of Human Rights and Racial Equality which freed slaves and gave people the right to choose their own religion. You created the world’s first taxation system and postal service. You invented the world’s first water supply system, refrigerator, Algebra, animation, chess and the list goes on.”

“It is incredible to think of the great contrast between your rich history and your current regime,” he added. “It is absurd that the people who invented human rights and protected the freedom of religion are ruled by a regime that tramples both. The absurdity has brought you to stand up for your heritage; to stand up for your country’s rich history. And while the Islamic Republic is doing all that it can to silence your voice, you stand strong and proud.”

At one point during his speech, Danon held up a picture of 14-year-old Nikta Esfandani, who was shot dead by security forces at an anti-regime protest in Iran last November.

Speaking at the same forum, US Ambassador Kelly Craft implored, “While the world criticizes Israel, Israel is making the world a better place. The council should not lose sight of this fact. I will not allow us to, and instead call upon my colleagues to embrace a more appropriate focus for a council dedicated to international peace and security — a focus on the regional actor fueling division, violence and hatred. The regime that funds and trains militants focused on the destruction of Israel.”

Craft added, “The regime that provides weapons and other support to the Houthis and to Hezbollah, props up the Assad regime and seeks to interfere with Iraq’s fragile democracy. The regime that guns down its own citizens when they protest the corruption, lies and mismanagement of the leadership. And yet, despite a long history of advocating for the obliteration of Israel and aggressively undermining regional peace and security, Iran too often escapes serious scrutiny by this body.

“Our failure to address Iran’s central role in destabilizing the region sends a powerfully damaging message to those seeking lasting peace and prosperity in the region,” she added. “It only encourages further instability, which puts the peace we all seek at greater risk.”

Craft concluded: “I have said before that Israel has no better friend than the United States, and will I say it again today. Whether it is reminding the world of what Israel has done to make the substantive contributions to global peace and prosperity, or of what Iran is doing to frustrate efforts towards peace. President Donald Trump and the American people together will do what is required to stand by our partner, our ally and, indeed, our friend.”

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