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Jews, wherever you are, come home. Your family and friends-to-be are waiting for you. The land misses you. Everything you want is already here. Come and get it!

As you know, this has been a very active month for both Israel and the Jewish people all over the world. Along with our battle against Hamas, we are also fighting a great rise in anti-Semitism that is present all over the world.

Despite the over 3,000 rockets that fell within our borders, people are still making aliyah (moving to Israel) in large numbers. Since I arrived, well over 1,000 people have made Aliyah – which means Israel is now their home. The question is: What brought them here? And, I would like to ask, what will bring the rest of the Jews here?

A friend of mine was assaulted recently. While he was listening to radio hosts bash Israel and the IDF, a man approached him on the street and assaulted him verbally.  My friend, a visibly Orthodox Jew, was shaken-up by the experience. He has spent many years living comfortably in an area of town that has a large Jewish population. Seeing Orthodox Jews there is commonplace and, for the most part, uneventful.

When this friend posted his experience on Facebook, he discovered that he wasn’t alone. Another friend reported a narrow call he had with three Arab men who taunted and insulted him, inviting a physical altercation which he thankfully avoided.

Jews, wherever you are, come home. Your family and friends-to-be are waiting for you. The land misses you. Everything you want is already here. Come and get it!

There was something interesting about the Facebook post my friend put up. The majority of the responses he received indicated that what he received was a wake-up call. It’s time to come home.

Israel – It IS REAL

Making Israel your home is not the same as simply moving into a neighborhood in New York.

What we have in Israel is a mixed multitude of people. We have every single type of Jew here, at every level of Judaism you could possibly imagine. We have traditional Jews, non-religious Jews, religious Jews and everything in between. We also have all the skin colors accounted for, and then some. I saw a guy who was so tattooed recently, I think he would be considered green!

Coming to Israel, you need to determine where you fit into the spectrum. If you’re a traditional Jew who craves life on the beach, there are communities for you. Likewise, if you’re a religious Jew who requires close proximity to a mikvah (ritual bath) and immediate access to a synagogue at all times, you’ll find it.

It’s Always an Adventure

And then there are the people. Standing in line in a grocery store can be a harrowing experience – especially once you let the first five people come in line ahead of you before you angrily declare that you’re going next. And sure, we have the bus drivers who ensure that riding the bus is similar to being on a roller coaster. If you get the chance, watch the next poor, unsuspecting victim who brings an uncovered drink onto the bus. Hilarity will ensue!

But besides that, the people are incredible. Warm. Loving. Inviting. Here, as a male, I’m achi –which means “my brother.” I’ve had so many invitations for Shabbat that I think I’m booked up until 2028. And then there are the offers of help. Do I need help setting up my bank account? How about getting bedding? Or kitchenware? It’s incredible and it’s unbelievable. While on a mission for diapers late at night, a guy I had never met before gave me a ride around the neighborhood until we found a store that was open. My taxi driver refused to take me where I wanted to go, insisting that I would get better prices at a different store (which was true).

Where am I going with all of this? Israel has a place for every Jew. Like a big family with a few dysfunctional kids, being here means coming home. It means feeling and being safer than you’ve ever been with friends and family that you didn’t even know you had. And yes, while riding on the bus, you’ll discover extended family members and other people you didn’t even know you were related to. That’s just part of being in Israel. It’s happened to me twice already just in the last month.

What Will Bring the Jewish People to Israel?

As the Jews from France can tell you, anti-Semitism is certainly a big factor. Unfortunately, as it spreads across the globe, I see that more people will have to come here for that reason alone. But there are other reasons to consider.

This land accommodates everyone. If you’re into beautiful homes with the latest technology, you’ll find it here. Are you looking for work? The economy is booming here. Don’t believe what you may have heard. Job opportunities are coming up all the time. You can also do work from abroad, thanks to the age of technology that we’re currently enjoying.

Are you into good food? You can find everything here from Indian to Chinese, including kosher McDonalds, awesome shwarma and the most incredible produce. Just walking around yesterday, I saw pomegranates, pomelos, figs and olives growing from the trees in suburban areas. Or if you like rosemary and lavender, it grows in bunches on the city streets.

Jews – Come Home!

The land is beautiful. It has its own personality, which you only get to discover when you’re here. The people are incredible. Riding on the bus is an adventure every single time. The customer service is sometimes awful and sometimes shockingly awesome. And that’s Israel.

There are so many reasons to be here. So Jews, wherever you are, come home. Your family and friends-to-be are waiting for you. The land misses you. Everything you want is already here. Come and get it!



Article by Dan Wener

He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh.