Israel is under constant missile attacks from the Gaza Strip.  Terrorists from the Gaza Strip try to penetrate Israel and kill Israeli soldiers and civilians… And Israeli doctors save the lives of Palestinian children from Gaza.

Tens of children  from Gaza have been treated at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa for life threatening kidney diseases while they await kidney transplants.  Just recently 12 year old Mohamed, 12 year old Hadeel, and 15 year old Ahmad, arrived at Rambam in serious condition.  All three underwent hemodialysis treatments (in which blood is cleaned via an artificial kidney) and then peritoneal dialysis (administered through the abdomen).   This dialysis is given overnight, enabling the children to lead more active lives.  the children will able to return to school and be functional like all other children their age.  The staff of  Rambam’s Pediatric Nephrology Unit, under the direction of Prof. Israel Zelikovic, worked with the families of the children who now know how to perform peritoneal dialysis by themselves.

Professor Zelikovic explains: “The treatment is performed at night while the child sleeps, which frees him for regular activities during the day. It also makes possible better nutrition and metabolic balance and reduces the burden on the heart and blood vessels.”  The families will continue to receive all equipment required for peritoneal dialysis along with the solution used with it from Teva Pharmaceuticals through the Erez Checkpoint between Israel and Gaza.

The international community claims that Israel kills innocent Palestinian children.  Not only does Israel not kill these children, but Israel actually saves the lives of Palestinian children on a daily basis!

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