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Former President Shimon Peres has been criticizing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who, according to Peres, is failing to promote a diplomatic initiative with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Speaking with Army Radio, Peres did, however, compliment PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who, he claims, fights terrorism.

The former president also said he does not accept the claim that Abbas is not a partner for a peace agreement.

“This is a fact that Abbas fights terrorism, says that he is in favor of peace, and it is also a fact that most Palestinians want peace,” he said.

Peres, in the interview, ignored Abbas’s blatant incitement against Israelis, which he has continued during the current terror wave.

Just this week, Abbas was revealed to have made shocking statements two weeks ago, when he said that the murder of dozens of Israelis and the wounding of hundreds others is part of a “peaceful uprising.”

The call for a “peaceful” terror wave included statements by Abbas in early September, in which he blessed every drop of blood shed in Jerusalem “for Allah” and called to stop “filthy” Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.

In early October, as the terror wave began gaining steam, Abbas’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said that murdering Jews is a “national duty.” In early November Abbas also ordered full military funerals for terrorists.

As for Peres’s claims that Abbas wants peace, just last month the PA chairman admitted for the first time that he rejected the offer of a Palestinian state back in 2008.

On September 30, 2015, Abbas said that the PA would cease to abide by agreements signed with Israel, including the 1993 Oslo Accords, falsely claiming Israel had shown that it, too, was no longer committed to them.

Islam teaches that Muslims are allowed to sign treaties when they are in a position of weakness but should break them when the time is ripe. Mohammed himself gave the example. As Sher Khan in Islam Watch, “Mohammed…made many treaties when he was weak but conveniently broke them, …when the time was ripe.”

Iran and the Palestinians are both following Mohammad’s example. Iran signed a nuclear agreement with the intention of breaking it when the time is ripe.

The Palestinians signed the Oslo accord in 1993, and Abbas is breaking it now and blaming Israel, exactly as Mohammed did in Quraish.

When the Oslo Accords were proposed, the Israeli Knesset and its citizens trusted in Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin and agreed to it. because US President Bill Clinton was a guarantor and promised to enforce and safeguard it.

Now the White House is betraying Israel. Obama will not enforce Clinton’s promise to act as a guarantor. The Palestinians understand that the time is ripe to break the Oslo Accords and force a solution through the UN Security Council.

If a Palestinian State is created in Judea and Samaria, Hamas will take over and attack Israel with missiles as it does from Gaza. The two-state solution is actually a one-state solution because it will lead to Israel’s destruction.

It is absurd that even after Abbas abandoned the Oslo Accords and praised the stabbing attacks, Peres continues to call him a partner for peace and criticizes Netanyahu for the failure of Peace Talks.

Peres and Rabin have weakened and endangered Israel with the Oslo Accords. Israel was safer before Oslo. Peres should apologize for signing an agreement with an enemy that cannot be trusted and is committed to Israel’s destruction.

Article by Ezequiel Doiny

Ezequiel Doiny is a writer residing in New Jersey.