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Engineers at a cutting-edge technology expo presented Israeli-developed inventions that police forces and armies around the world will use in the near future.

In its annual R&D Innovation Exhibition last week, Motorola Solutions Israel displayed its latest advances in communications and artificial intelligence that will help soldiers on the battlefield as well as first responders and critical emergency workers.

Among the inventions was a digital personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide critical information and can remotely operate a vehicle, open and close gates, and operate traffic lights. This AI application can be used by security personnel as well as employees working in critical infrastructure industries, such as electricity and water.

A fourth-generation (LTE) mobile, closed-line communications network that enables calls, real-time video streaming and many other applications in areas with no cellphone reception was also displayed. This technology could assist troops in desert or mountain regions who would no longer be cut off from each other, as well as disaster-struck areas and technology-poor countries, where the innovation would be a life-saving tool for first responders.

Similarly important, a command and control system based on Microsoft HoloLens spectacles will enable fire chiefs to see a fire zone in real time as well as get information on their firefighters’ oxygen status and biometric data, so that they can better ensure their health and safety.

Another critical command and control center aid rolled out was an automatic event log which records police and security force calls, converting events to text calls (such as WhatsApp). This will enable an operator to better manage an event when many lines of communication are being used simultaneously.

Concentrating on enterprise-level and homeland security communications technology, Motorola Solutions Israel opened its innovation center in the country in 2016. Motorola Israel was in fact the first branch the giant tech and communications company established outside of North America, with Israel distinguished as the first location in which Motorola established a foreign research and development center.

By: Beth Stern, United with Israel