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Israel’s Cyberbit Range teaches security teams how to respond to attacks by creating hyper-realistic simulations.

By United with Israel Staff

The motto of Israel’s Cyberbit Range is “Eventually, your organization will be attacked,” and this cutting-edge firm never loses sight of the ever-present danger of large-scale cyber disasters.

To that end, Cyberbit Range has developed hyper-realistic simulations of cyber attacks that prepare security teams for the inevitable and dramatically improve their performance. The company announced on Monday that it was making its simulation training platform for cybersecurity professionals available as a cloud-based offering.

The platform provides organizations with a cost-effective system, available anywhere and anytime, to ensure cybersecurity teams are well-trained to combat any attack.

Cyberbit Range gives “real-world cyberattacks simulated in an immersive virtual environment that mirrors a corporate network,” according to a company statement. “By experiencing attacks in an environment that closely resembles the real world, cybersecurity professionals significantly improve their performance and reduce response time during a real cyberattack.”

According to the company website, “Organizations are facing a massive shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Understaffed teams repeatedly fail to manage thousands of incidents, using dozens of tools, across a converging IT OT and IoT attack surface. Cyberbit’s mission is to empower cybersecurity teams and help organizations regain the upper hand, by multiplying the impact of their existing workforce: significantly improving training; automating and simplifying security operations, and consolidating detection visibility and response across IT and OT networks.”

Founded in 2015, the company’s technologies are already deployed in government and military organizations.

The system transforms “cybersecurity training from theoretical to experiential,” Adi Dar, Cyberbit CEO, said in a statement. “We’ve seen massive demand for our on-premise cyber range, and our goal is for every cybersecurity professional in the world to gain access to simulated hands-on training.”

It’s products are already found in over 20 countries across five continents.

Live demonstrations of the cloud-based Cyberbit Range took place last week at Cyber Tech Tel Aviv 2020, and will be on display at RSA 2020 in San Francisco, California February 24-28.

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