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Shlomit Malka

Shlomit Malka has been ranked as one of the top ten highest paid models in Israel, but her greatest claim to fame may come from sharing the beauty of Shabbat  with the world.

By United with Israel Staff

During her career as a supermodel, Israeli Shlomit Malka has served as the face of some of the world’s top fashion brands, from Chanel to Ralph Lauren.

During the past year, however, Malka has entered what may be the most important and exciting chapter of her life: taking on Sabbath observance in accordance with her Jewish faith and tradition.

“Shlomit follows all the rules of Shabbat: she does not talk on the phone, does not go out and does kiddush,” said a source close to the model quoted by i24 news.

“Kiddush” refers to the sanctification of the Sabbath, or Shabbat in Hebrew, which includes a blessing over wine and grape juice that is made prior to the festive meals Jews eat each week on Friday night and Saturday. The “third meal” of Shabbat takes place during Saturday afternoon, and is seen by many as the spiritual highlight of the Sabbath, with joyous signing and teachings from that week’s Torah reading.

“[Shlomit’s] always been very spiritual,” said the source quoted by i24. “She’s actually moved closer to religion and seems happy and fulfilled.”

Malka’s followers may have first noticed her embrace of Judaism last fall, during the Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which is called Shabbat Shuvah (Sabbath of Return). This is a time of deep introspection for many Jews, when they take a spiritual accounting of their actions words before entering the new year.

Prior to Shabbat Shuvah this year, Malka posted a Sabbath greeting to her followers on social media, including a quote fromm Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, known as Rav Kook, the guiding force of religious Zionism prior to the formation of the State of Israel. Rav Kook passed away in 1935, but remains a beloved figure in Israel whose teachings are foundational for a large swath of Torah-observant Jews to this day.

Malka joins other high-profile Jews who have embraced Sabbath observance, including world-famous musician Alex Clare. The British singer-songwriter has scored massive international hits, such as “Too Close,” but turned down a tour with pop sensation Adele because it required performances on Sabbath.

After making the decision to prioritize his connection to Judaism over fame and fortune, Clare moved to Jerusalem to study Jewish texts, raise his growing family, and engage with his musical career on his own terms.

Similar to Clare’s path, Malka’s embrace of the Sabbath has delighted Jews in Israel and abroad alike. While she has been ranked as one of the ten highest paid models in Israel, her greatest claim to fame may yet come from the impact she has sharing the beauty of the Sabbath with the world.

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