Kit 300, Israel's multispectral camouflage. (Ministry of Defense) (Ministry of Defense)
Kit 300

Hezbollah’s advanced night vision and thermal imaging equipment led Israel to seek countermeasures.

By United With Israel Staff

Israel unveiled a revolutionary multispectral camouflage technology that makes soldiers nearly invisible. It’s a sheet called Kit 300 that combines microfibres, metals and polymers into a lightweight material.

Multispectral camouflage conceals people or objects visibly as well as from electronic detection.

Kit 300 was developed by Polaris Solutions, a Caesarea-based business that specializes in “innovative and effective technology for survivability solutions,” in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. The Defense Ministry has already tested Kit 300 and added it to its procurement plan.

In an interview with Janes, Dr. Gal Harari, head of the ministry’s Directorate for Defense Research and Development, explained that Hezbollah’s advanced night-vision systems and thermal imaging equipment led Israel to seek out a countermeasure.

According to Harari, soldiers on the move can wrap themselves in the sheet. Soldiers putting up a position can also join their sheets together to build a barrier resembling a rock. Individual sheets, which can be folded into small rolls, weigh around 500 grams. “Someone staring at them with binoculars from afar will not see soldiers,” Harari said.

The sheets come in different colorations for different landscapes and can be molded into three-dimensional shapes, or even used as a stretcher.

Polaris is working with other countries to develop similar camouflage unique to their needs. Internationally, Kit 300 is also called Jag Hide.