Roi Pe'er (center with medal). (Center for Future Scientists) Center for Future Scientists
Roi Pe'er (center with medal). (Center for Future Scientists)


A member of the Israeli team medaled at the International Chemistry Olympiad at Russia’s University of St. Petersburg.


Israel team member Roi Pe’er was awarded a bronze medal at the at the 53rd International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The other team members were Ron Sprinz, Ron Refaeli, Hillel Shochat and Hagar Hoffman. They trained at the Technion in Haifa.

The Ministry of Education and the Center for Future Scientists praised the achievement and said that “Roi is a model of effort, determination and excellence.”

They added that they will continue to work together and in partnership to give students the highest quality tools to help them break through and reach the top.

Some 150 High school students from some 29 countries in Asia and Eastern Europe participated in the six-day event.

Israel has been attending the annual event since 2016.

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