As Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern coast of the United States, Israeli students studying in AMIT schools prayed for America’s well-being. Arutz Sheva reported that students read psalms in each of the 100 schools associated with the AMIT educational network.

AMIT director Dr. Amnon Eldar explained, “We have 25,000 students. Many of them are in Sderot, Ashkelon, and Be’er Sheva, and when they are in danger from rocket attacks, American Jews pray for them, support them, and come visit, and also help and contribute, because they are our brothers, our flesh and blood. Most citizens of the United States are good friends to the state of Israel, and when they are in trouble, we feel a real need to pray for them.”

Thus, as Rabbi Shimon Shushan of an AMIT Yeshiva in Petach Tikva explained, “We have a moral obligation to help our friends, and we believe we have the power to do what little is in our hands – and that is to pray for our brothers in the United States at this difficult time.”

As of now, Hurricane Sandy’s death toll has climbed to 40 people. 8.2 million Americans are currently living without electricity. New York was among the hardest hit, where the storm caused the worst damage ever to the city’s subway system in the 108 years that it has existed. New York’s Mayor said it may be days before the New York City subway is up and running again.

Yedioth Achronot reported, “The storm sent a nearly 14-foot (4.27-meter) surge of seawater, a record, coursing over Lower Manhattan’s seawalls and highways and into low-lying streets. The water inundated tunnels, subway stations and the electrical system that powers Wall Street and sent hospital patients and tourists scrambling for safety. Skyscrapers swayed and creaked in winds that partially toppled a crane 74 stories above Midtown. A large tanker ship ran aground on the city’s Staten Island.” Thus far, Hurricane Sandy has caused $20 billion in property damages, as well as up to $30 billion in business losses, making it one of the most costly natural disasters in the history of the US. At times like this, Israelis stand in solidarity with the United States.

Reported by: Rachel Avraham for United With Israel

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