Hebrew University is facing criticism for offering a stage to an organization that actively works to harm the State of Israel. 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is facing sharp criticism for sponsoring a conference earlier this week featuring representatives from the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), an Israeli NGO that promotes a boycott of the Jewish state.

The conference, titled “Arms Trade, Saving Lives: Exporting Weapons to Areas of Conflict,” was organized by Hebrew University’s Truman Research Institute and focused on Israeli military exports.

The conference featured members of CWP’s “Hamushim” (Armed) project, which “works to expose the true human price of the Israeli military industry and arms trade, as well as to mobilize actions against it.” The project is co-sponsored by American Friends Service Committee, an American organization that promotes boycotts against Israel and the “right of return” for Palestinians.

“It is very unfortunate that Hebrew University opts to provide a platform for BDS organizations who are the embodiment of new anti-Semitism,” said Im Tirtzu Chairman Matan Peleg.

“Coalition of Women for Peace is a radical organization that leads boycott campaigns against Israeli banks, security companies like Elbit and G4S, and was even involved in the Norwegian Government Pension Fund’s decision to divest from Israel. It is absurd that an Israeli university funded by taxpayers could provide a platform to such an organization,” Peleg added.

Shai Glick, head of the Betzalmo organization that exposed the story, noted that “it is ludicrous for Israeli academia to host representatives from an organization that calls to boycott Israel and Israeli academia itself.”

Israel National News quoted Hebrew University as saying in response that it “provides its institutes and centers independence and a free hand in regards to its conferences and content that occur based on a pluralistic approach that promotes and examines social, civil and political issues.”

“Hebrew University does not boycott any person or organization, even those who wish to boycott us, so long as these organizations operate within the legal framework of the state,” the statement added.

CWP is a leader in international anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaigns against Israel, including the initiation of the “Who Profits from the Occupation” project and “Israeli Apartheid Week” activities and events.

The radical group also promotes the lie regarding Israeli water discrimination against Palestinians. NGO Monitor research has determined that CWP’s claims are based on false information and are part of a larger demonization campaign against Israel.

By: United with Israel Staff

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