Refusing to succumb to terror, an Israeli couple who has recently been stricken by Palestinian terrorism well be joined by Jews from around the world, celebrating faith, courage and optimism.

Jewish organizations and communities from around the world have been raising funds to purchase plane tickets to attend the wedding of Sarah Techiya Litman and Ariel Biegel in Israel this Thursday evening.

The two were forced to postpone their wedding two weeks ago after Sarah’s father, Rabbi Ya’akov Litman, and her 18-year-old brother Netanel were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist just days before the wedding, while en route to a pre-wedding celebration.

The couple has decided to invite anyone who wished to do so to join them in celebrating their joyous occasion. Don’t let our enemies rejoice. We have fallen and we have risen,” wrote the couple after the tragic attack. “The Jewish nation is invited to rise from the dust and celebrate with us.”

Among the thousands of expected guests will be many who are coming from as far as Australia and the United States, representing family, friends and communities back home, reported Tuesday.

“Inspired by the couple’s faith, courage and optimism,” several Chabad Houses and Chabad on Campus branches have been holding raffles over the past few days to send communal representatives to the wedding. In Melbourne, Australia, and Ottawa, Canada—and in a number of cities in the United States—individuals are donating funds for a chance to win the airfare to attend the wedding.

‘Tangible and Meaningful’ Expression of Solidarity

“This initiative presents our community with a tangible and meaningful way to express our solidarity, love and support with the people of Israel,” says Rabbi Aaron Slonim, executive director of the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life at Binghamton University in Upstate New York, to “Beyond that, we join in the deep resolve of this couple that terror not define our lives, and that goodness and kindness and joy fight the wave of darkness and despair that seems so overwhelming.”

“The communal outpouring of support for the betrothed, both in their 20s, was simply overwhelming in Australia,” says Rabbi Dovid Gutnick, co-director of Chabad East Melbourne. “In just two days, over 150 people entered the raffle, and many others just chose to donate.”

“Despite the current and historical challenges and tragedies, we are an unbreakable family. And when we are united, we will prevail and we will thrive. That is the lesson of history, and that is what we are doing now,” he explained.

Velly Slavin, adult-education director of Chabad of Malvern in Australia, noted in a post on Facebook that they have not only raised enough money to send a community representative to the wedding, but to also deliver a “substantial wedding gift to the young couple.”

“We thank the Australian Jewish community for the outpouring of support that will surely bring comfort and joy to the young couple,” Slavin said in his posting.

Rabbi Menachem Kaminker, co-director of the Israeli Chabad Center and editor of the Hebrew edition of, feels that so many individuals are rallying around the terrorism-stricken couple because their story resonates everywhere. “I think it’s because this is truly the story of the Jewish people and how, despite all kinds of setbacks and tragedies, we still carry on,” he says. “And not only do we carry on, but we reach for higher places—in this case, the building of a home and family.”

By: United with Israel Staff