G-d has defined in the Torah what types of foods are forbidden and what types of foods are permitted for Jews to eat. These rules are very important, as the food we eat actually affects our personality and character. We therefore must be aware of what we put in our mouth and take care that it satisfies the truths that G-d set up for us.


The laws of kosher are extremely intricate, so we will give you just some of them

Basic kosher food rules:


1. Animals
The Torah states that only an animal which chews its cud and has split hooves may be slaughtered to eat.

2. Birds
The Torah lists 24 species of birds which are forbidden to eat. The rest are assumed to be kosher.

3. Fish

A kosher fish is one which has both fins and scales.

4. Insects
All insects are not kosher except four species of grasshoppers.

5. Meat and Milk
It is forbidden to eat, cook, or receive any pleasure from a food combination of meat and milk.
6. Limb of a Live Animal
The Torah prohibits eating a limb that was removed from an animal while it was still living.

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