Economy Minister Naftali Bennett. (Flash90) Minister Naftali Bennett. (Photo: Flash90)


In a reference to the European powers’ “agreement” with Germany at Munich, Israel’s Economy Minister vowed Israel would not be another victim of Western appeasement and will work against a bad deal with Iran.

Israeli Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett defended Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled address to a special session of Congress on the Iranian nuclear threat next month, stressing that it is important to do everything to thwart a bad deal between Iran and the US.

Speaking on CNN, Bennett likened the current negotiations between the P5+1 powers and Iran to those between the allies and Nazi Germany prior to World War II.

Netanyahu will present Israel’s case “at the very last moment…in the money time,” said Bennett, since the deadline for these negotiations arrives on March 24. Bennett stressed, “The current deal that’s being discussed is a very bad deal. Essentially, it allows Iran to retain the machine that produces nuclear weapons and it only presses the pause button.” Underscoring the fact that the agreement leaves Iran with “threshold” nuclear capabilities, Bennett explained that the deal permits Iran to develop a nuclear bomb within months.

Using “delay and deceit tactics,” Iran is acquiring more time and waiting for the right moment to develop their bomb.

“We’re fighting for our very survival and we have to make our best case to the American people.”

“The West, who was sure they were doing the right thing in order to appease Nazi Germany, they sold Czechoslovakia. Israel will not be the next Czechoslovakia,” Bennett vowed.

Netanyahu’s address has generated political and diplomatic strife, with some expressing fear that the tension surrounding the speech is creating an irreparable rift in US-Israeli relations. “America is our best and biggest friend, nothing will change that, but we have to make our case to the free world to stop this imminent threat,” Bennett declared.

Support on Wheels for Israel

In the meantime, Netanyahu has received support form an unexpected source – a group of American bikers.

The group, American Bikers United Against Jihad, is planning to demonstrate in Washington DC, in support of Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

The event’s Facebook invite, created by Defenders of Liberty MC, says that the event’s goal is to “maintain an active presence to show support of the Prime Minister’s visit to address Congress. Also provide counter-protest to any Islamic extremist protests that may be present.”

The event was originally scheduled to take place at the US Capitol, but was moved to the White House “because that is where the Muslims will be.”

“There is NO point of going to DC and having a protest where there are no Muslims. If this event turns out to be as big as it sounds…It will be the fuse being lit, the revolution to take back Christian America.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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