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Survey published by Israel’s Diaspora Ministry finds 69% of Israeli Jews feel they share a common destiny with Jews in the Diaspora.

By United with Israel Staff

Most Israelis feel a sense of brotherhood with Jews in the Diaspora, a new poll found.

The “2023 Survey to Monitor the Index of the Public’s Positions on Israel-Diaspora Ties,” conducted on 1,002 Jewish Israeli citizens aged 17-70, was commissioned by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and presented by President Isaac Herzog on Monday. It found that 69% of Israelis feel they share a common destiny with Diaspora Jewry, compared to 61% in 2016.

63% percent of respondents said they feel a sense of brotherhood with Jews in the Diaspora, compared to 56% in a similar poll from 2016, and believe the Jewish State is responsible for the continued existence of Jews both inside and outside of Israel.

81% of respondents said they were disturbed by the rise in antisemitic attacks on Jews in the Diaspora, while 61% believed the State of Israel is responsible making sure Diaspora Jewry affected by antisemitism is safe and secure.

According to the poll, 54% think Israelis should consider the interests of Diaspora Jewry when making foreign policy and security decisions that might affect Jews not living in Israel. 57% said Israel has an obligation to help all Jews hit by economic hardship or natural disaster.

53% considered Jewish assimilation in the Diaspora an existential threat, compared to 48% who thought so in 2016.

“The Jewish People faces two combined challenges: The weakening of Jewish identity and an assault on the collective Jewish-Zionist one,” Diaspora Affair Minister Amichai Chikli said in a statement about the poll.

“The State of Israel must rise to the occasion and strengthen the infrastructure of Jewish education worldwide and in Israel to ensure a new generation is connected to its people’s heritage and committed to its future,” he concluded.

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