Bereaved families demonstrate during peace process against releasing terrorists. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90) Mother of Israeli victim of terror. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)
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Mothers of terror victims have taken a leading role in demanding an end to the continued prisoner release, which includes barbaric criminals with blood on their hands.

A group called “Mothers Forever” demonstrated on Wednesday evening in the cold Jerusalem weather, outside Prime Minister Benjamin’s Netanyahu’s residence, holding pictures of their murdered children, Israel National News (INN) reported. Many among the dead children’s killers are included in the next batch of terrorists slated to be released on Sunday in the third stage of an arrangement brokered by the US in July. The purpose of the deal was to revive peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

INN “spoke to Shira Avraham, whose seven-month-old daughter Shaked was murdered in a terrorist attack on the family’s home in Negohot, near Hevron, 10 years ago,” the news site said.

It was during a festive Rosh Hashana meal when a terrorist infiltrated their community and opened fire with an M-16 assault rifle, killing Shaked, the Foreign Affairs ministry website states.

“The terrorist who murdered baby Shaked and 27-year-old Eyal Yaiberboim had been released from prison just two months earlier in an Israeli ‘goodwill gesture’ to the Palestinian Authority,” Avraham told INN. “He had been in jail due to a previous attempt to carry out a terrorist attack.”

“We are mothers and we will always be mothers – mothers to children who were murdered, as well as to children who still live,” she explained.

“We cannot stand to sit quietly and see terrorists released over and over,” Avraham continued, calling the release of child-killers “simply immoral.”

Members of the Mothers Forever group also visited the Knesset, urging the MKs to prevent the planned release.

Avraham, in the INN interview, described the pain of watching these heinous murderers go free.

“We work so hard to keep living, to build a happy home. As a mother I just want to protect my children,” she said, stressing the need for government support on this issue.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon organized a meeting with Members of Knesset from diverse parties on Wednesday, prior to the demonstration, calling on Netanyahu to reconsider the decision to release the prisoners, considering the rise in terror over the past several days.

“In a normal country in which a bus blows up on Sunday, a police officer is stabbed on Monday, and a worker fixing the security fence is shot to death on Tuesday, terrorists would not be freed the following week as a ‘gesture,’” Danon stated on his Facebook page. Instead, the government should instate the death penalty, he asserted.

Author: United with Israel Staff
Date: Dec. 26, 2013