Anett Haskia, a Muslim Arab and a patriotic Israeli citizen, has announced her candidacy for the Jewish Home party in the current primaries.

Muslim Israeli-Arab Anatt Hiskia, 45, has confirmed that she is running for a spot on the religious Zionist Jewish Home party list in the current primaries.

All three of Hiskia’s children had joined the IDF. One, in fact, served in Gaza as a combat soldier in the prestigious Golani Brigade during Operation Protective Edge this past summer. Another son served in the Kfir (Hebrew for “lion cub”) brigade, the youngest IDF infantry contingent, and her daughter served in the IDF Education Corps.

“I welcome Anett to the race. Anett is a brave woman,” Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, Jewish Home party chairman, stated. “She represents the new group of people drawn to the party due to its values and their love for the State of Israel. I wish her and all the candidates the best of luck in the race.”

Haskia, a hairstylist and social activist from the northern city of Acre (Akko), appreciates the freedom enjoyed by citizens of Israel, which is unique in the Middle East. Hers is not the only Muslim-Israeli family to feel patriotic to their country, she says.

“Whoever does not want to accept the State of Israel is welcome to go to an Arab country,” she told the Algemeiner in an interview.

By: United with Israel Staff