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Sri Lanka terror

“The entire world must unite in the battle against the scourge of terrorism,” Netanyahu stated.

By United With Israel Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted with shock to the massive horrific attacks at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, which claimed the lives of over 200 people and wounded hundreds more.

No group has claimed responsibility.

“On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I express my deep shock over the murderous attacks against innocent civilians in Sri Lanka,” said the prime minister, also expressing Israel’s desire to help in whichever way it can.

“Israel stands ready to assist the authorities in Sri Lanka at this difficult time,” Netanyahu said in his message. “The entire world must unite in the battle against the scourge of terrorism,” he added.

Christians were marking Easter Sunday at holy sites in Israel as well, even as Jews were in the midst of celebrating Passover. Israeli security forces are on alert to allow the different religions to exercise their right to observe their respective holidays.

Israelis Train First Responders in Sri Lanka

Coincidentally, this past January, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and United Hatzalah teamed up to train first responders in Colombo, Sri Lanka in mass casualty incidents and disaster management. The mission, funded by the AJC, brought experts from United Hatzalah of Israel to train members of local response organizations in how to provide quick and effective emergency response to large scale emergencies ranging from natural disasters to terror attacks.

The team from Israel provided training to members of the military, police force, search and rescue units and the fire department in Sri Lanka and provided them with tools and techniques developed in Israel in dealing with large-scale attacks such as the kind that occurred Sunday.

Israel oftens extends its assistance to other countries fighting terror, including intelligence resources, rescue efforts, and identification of the dead.

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