Israel must remain on the cutting edge of cyber-defense, -security and -technology in order to maintain the safety and security of the state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a recent article.

In his article on Sunday in Globes, Netanyahu outlined his vision, policies and initiatives aimed at arming the Jewish state with the latest in “cybernetic innovation.” According to the Israeli leader, “Cyber defense is an essential condition for national security and economic growth in the 21st century,” and Israel’s strength in the fields of science and technology is leading the country to be one of the world’s greatest “cyber security power.”

“Five years ago, I set the goal of making Israel one of the five leading global cyber powers. We are already placed very high, and the world regards us as a rising power. Enhancing our capabilities in the cyber field requires continuous effort,” Netanyahu wrote.

Netanyahu listed five “levels” on which the country is operating to this end: the development of a national cyber strategy “to present, neutralize, and contain cyber threats and events;” the founding of a civilian National Cyber Defense Authority; the development of scientific and technological infrastructure; the promotion of the Israeli cyber industry; and the encouragement of international cooperation, “to expand our political, economic, and security connections with many countries.”

“We will continue our preparations for tomorrow’s challenges,” he wrote, “and will exploit any opportunity to fortify our position on the global cyber map.”

By: The Algemeiner