Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Dan Balilty/Pool photo via AP) (Dan Balilty/Pool photo via AP)
Benjamin Netanyahu

Now that the US and Europe lifted sanctions on Iran, Israel is prepared to deal with the augmented Iranian threat, Netanyahu said. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s demand that the international community closely monitor Iran’s implementation of the nuclear deal and watch for violations, while saying that it was Israel that spearheaded efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program.

“Following the nuclear agreement with Iran, Israel will continue to monitor all of Iran’s international violations, including regarding the nuclear agreement, the ballistic missile agreement and terrorism. The international community must enact severe and aggressive sanctions against each violation,” the Israeli premier said on Sunday at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting.

A vocal opponent of the deal the P5+1 powers signed with the Islamic Republic, Netanyahu said that it was Israel’s efforts that stopped Iran’s nuclear program in its tracks. “Were it not for our efforts to lead sanctions and thwart Iran’s nuclear program, Iran would have had nuclear weapons some time ago. Israel’s policy is exactly as it has been – not to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons,” he asserted.

As the sanctions on Iran were lifted by world powers on Saturday in a step to fully implement the deal, Netanyahu warned that it “is clear” that Iran will now have “more resources to divert to terrorism and its aggression in the region and around the world, and Israel is prepared to deal with any threat.”

He also shared that discussions with the American administration are currently being completed on a document of understandings for the coming decade regarding security assistance to the State of Israel. “This is an important part of permanent policy between us and the United States, our ally, and it is important in order to repel threats in the region, especially the Iranian threat,” he said.

Israeli leaders and officials attacked the removal of sanctions on Iran by the US and the European Union (EU), warning that the world has now become a more dangerous place.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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