Gershon Elinson/Flash90 Gershon Elinson/Flash90
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a ceremony in Hebron marking the 90th anniversary of the Arab massacre of Jews in the city, September 4, 2019.


While the world’s top state sponsor of terror remains committed to the Jewish state’s destruction, Israel is ready to strike back if world powers don’t take care of business.

By United with Israel Staff and AP

Speaking at a military ceremony Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a dire warning, noting that Iran and its proxies are “relentlessly arming themselves.”

Indeed, Iran is becoming increasingly belligerent, instigating attacks in Yemen and Saudi Arabia while propping up vicious terror groups throughout the region, including on Israel’s doorstep.

“Iran’s threshold of daring in the region is rising and it grows even more in the absence of a response,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu did not elaborate, but the comments come after a U.S. pullback of forces from Syria and a lack of response to an alleged Iranian attack on Saudi oil facilities.

In June, President Donald Trump called off a planned attack on Iran in response to the downing of an American drone.

Netanyahu said Israel “will not hesitate to strike harshly at anyone who tries to attack us.”


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