Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and his British counterpart David Cameron. (Olivier Fitoussi/POOL/Flash90) (Olivier Fitoussi/POOL/Flash90)
Netanyahu Cameron

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fly to the UK at the end of the summer to explore cooperation options in wake of the Iran nuclear deal.

The Israeli leader will depart for London at the beginning of September to meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron regarding Israel’s vigorous opposition to the nuclear deal signed with Iran.

Britain is one of the six powers that signed the agreement with Tehran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly invited by British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Phillip Hammond during his visit to Israel two weeks ago.

Israel’s Channel 2 reports that Netanyahu and his British counterpart will discuss the regional implication of the deal. Israel believes that the deal, by removing economic sanctions, will fuel Iran’s international terror network with billions of dollars, thereby increasing violence in the Middle East and setting off a nuclear arms race in the area. Reports indicate that Saudi Arabia has already started on the path towards the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Channel 2 quotes “senior British officials” stating their interest in a dialogue with Israel on a broad array of issues and hoping to advance cooperation on several matters such as the civil war in Syria, the Gaza Strip and the diplomatic process with the Palestinians, despite the disagreements between the two governments.

Netanyahu is also expected to head to New York for the UN General Assembly later in September.

By: United with Israel Staff

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