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Israel is on it

A new advertising campaign promoting Israeli inventions – dubbed “Israel Is On It”- launched this week, with its first ad appearing in the New York Times.

The campaign said it aims “to raise mass-market awareness of one tiny country whose citizens are curing cancer, making the ocean drinkable, freezing breast tumors, preventing hospital infections, stopping airport terrorism, and changing all our lives for the better.” The New York Times ad spotlights Israeli innovation in water desalination and water recycling.

“Israel Is On It” (www.israelisonit.com) is a project of Untold News, a non-profit organization that highlights Israeli contributions in technology, science, medicine, environment, and humanitarian work. The ads will run in digital media, particularly focusing on websites reaching millennials such as Slate.com, Vice.com, and Mic.com. Untold News is seeking to raise $1 million to fund more ads.

By: JNS.org