The “survivor’s edition” of Charlie Hebdo sold out immediately in France. Original plans were to print 3M copies for global distribution, but the magazine decided to print 5M copies due to high demand and despite Islamic terror threats.

Millions of copies of the latest issue of the Charlie Hebdo weekly magazine, nicknamed the “survivors’ edition,” are being printed and translated into 16 languages – including Arabic – and distributed in 25 countries. All initial 500,000 copies in France, on stands early Wednesday morning, were sold out by dawn, AP reports.

Initial plans were to publish three million copies for distribution worldwide, but extremely high demand brought that number up to five million.

The usual publication run for the magazine is 60,000 and it is available in French only.

The cover of the first Charlie Hebdo weekly magazine to appear since several of its staff were murdered by Muslim terrorists features an image of Mohammed weeping and holding a sign, stating: “Je suis Charlie,” French for “I am Charlie.” These words have become a slogan of defiance in the face of Islamic terror. The image is captioned, “All is forgiven.”

Al Qaeda in Yemen Claims Responsibility

Islamic terror organizations and Muslim leaders have threatened Charlie Hebdo with more violence if the cartoon appears. The journalists were not intimidated. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda in Yemen officially claimed responsibility for the massacre at the magazine’s headquarters last week, which claimed the lives of 10 journalists and two police officers.

Véronique Faujour, head of the printing press that has Charlie Hebdo as a client, told the Telegraph that the magazine “will be circulated in batches of around 500,000 copies per day which will allow kiosks that are asking for more to be resupplied.”

According to the Telegraph, “Besieged news agents will be restocked later today, meaning that the total sale could reach a million copies by the end of Wednesday, with another 500,000 due tomorrow and the coming days to reach five million in all.”

By: United with Israel Staff


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