Sixth generation Intel ‘Skylake’ processor made in Israel provides reduced power consumption, along with enhanced performance and new gaming experiences.

Intel Corporation has announced its sixth generation Intel Core processor family — and tech reviewers are giving the new chipsets high marks.

Based on the new Skylake microarchitecture on Intel’s leading 14nm manufacturing process technology, the sixth Gen Intel Core processors deliver more than double the performance, triple the battery life, and graphics that are 30 times better for smooth gaming and video experiences compared to the average five-year old computer, the company announced today.

Most of the Skylake architecture was created at the Intel Israel Development Center in Haifa.

Shlomit Weiss, Vice President Platform Engineering Group at Intel Corporation, led the team behind Skylake.

Other Intel products to have been designed at these offices include the 8088 processor, Intel math coprocessors, i860 XP processor, Ethernet communication chips, cache and memory controllers, Intel Pentium processor with MMX technology, and Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.

“This is a phenomenal success for a product on which we worked for over four years,” Weiss said. “During the work process we were asked to upgrade the processor’s performance to the highest of levels and cut its battery power consumption. There were those who didn’t believe this to be possible. During the first lab tests, even I found it difficult to believe what amazing results we achieved – but I don’t argue with evidence. These processors will change every field from education to gaming to movies in the years to come.”

Intel says retail, medical, industrial, and digital surveillance and security industries will all benefit from the new 6th Gen Intel Core processor improvements and boast IoT designs from the edge to the cloud.

According to Intel, more than 600 million computers in use today are five years or older. They are slow to wake, their batteries don’t last long, and they can’t take advantage of all the new experiences available today.

“Our 6th Gen Intel Core processors provide the most significant advancement in computing that we’ve ever seen,” said Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group. “They enable state-of-the-art experiences like voice control and removing the hassle of managing passwords, as well as enhanced security. The amazing combination of 6th Gen Intel Core processors, Windows 10, and beautiful new systems from the PC manufacturers make this the best time to buy a new computer.”

The new processors deliver significant improvements in graphics performance to offer stunning visuals for gaming as well as compelling 4k content creation and media playback. They also advance Intel’s “No Wires” initiative that allows people to easily share from their computer to a TV or monitor without the mess of wires.

By: Viva Sarah Press,