Palestinians attack Israeli forces near the security barrier. (Flash90) Flash90
Palestinians attack Israeli forces

The IDF is forming a new unit to halt the entry of infiltrators along Israel’s security barrier.

By United with Israel Staff

The IDF is in the initial stages of establishing a new brigade to thwart infiltrators seeking to enter Israel illegally.

According to a report by Israel Hayom, the Kfir Brigade will begin as a pilot program operating along Israel’s security barrier in the Maccabim area. The brigade will be expanded if its efforts are successful.

Among the new brigade’s tasks will be monitoring breaches in the barrier to thwart entry there until they can be repaired. The Kfir Brigade will be under the command of Colonel Sharon Altit.

Once the pilot period concludes, the IDF may add troops to the brigade and extend its mandate to achieve other security goals.

In addition to initiatives like the Kfir Brigade, the IDF also leverages hi-tech solutions to enhance its security barriers. These include sensors connected to remote command-and-control rooms.

Israel’s security barrier has reduced deaths caused by Palestinian terror by over 90 percent.

Israel’s security barriers protects the Jewish state from Hezbollah in the north. In Judea and Samaria, the structure blocks attacks from Palestinian terrorists.

Along Israel’s southern border, it protects citizens from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and ISIS.