Working in conjunction with the Indian Navy, Israel successfully tested the Barak 8, another cutting-edge defense system designed to contend with the region’s threats.   

The Israeli developed Barak 8 naval defense system tested successfully and intercepted two projectiles in a trial conducted in the Indian Ocean Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Israel’s Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced Wednesday that the advanced system was tested and launched from an Indian naval vessel. All weapon systems components successfully met the test’s goals.

IAI CEO Yossi Weiss said in a statement that the  trial “constitutes a successful continuation” of a test conducted by Israel’s navy last month and “added emphasis to the system’s impressive operational capabilities.”

The IAI developed Barak 8 Air and Missile Defense System can be used at sea or on land and is designed to intercept short to long range threats.

Its main features include defense from supersonic skimmers to high altitude targets in all weather, multiple simultaneous engagements in severe saturation scenarios and vertical launching of interceptors, easily fitting on existing or new ships.

Boaz Levi, IAI Executive Vice, said of the defense system that “with its naval and land versions, it is a member of the elite club of the most successful Israeli military developments in the world. The development of the system is reflected in its innovation, creativity and its remarkable personal dedication of all those involved in the matter.”

The defense project has been jointly developed by the Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) and the Indian DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) in recent years, and is due to become operational in both navy’s within a year or two.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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