“We should not be brought closer together only when our enemies are trying to destroy us. The more we unite, the more Heavenly protection we will merit.” 

David Green, a musician and filmmaker living in Israel, was inspired to create a special video demonstrating the profound sense of unity among the People of Israel that became evident during this past summer of war and hardship.

“We have seen such a beautiful rise in Jewish unity since the kidnappings and murder [of teenagers Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frankel] and through the war in Gaza,” Green – known as Dovid – said.

“But we should not be brought closer together only when our enemies are trying to destroy us,” he states. “The more we unite, the more heavenly protection we will have from our enemies.”


Many in Israel believe that this summer has been nothing short of miraculous, considering the thousands of rockets launched at Israel by terrorists in Gaza that resulted in only three civilian deaths. Still, the People of Israel mourn each and every death as well as each IDF casualty. Hundreds of thousands of citizens flocked to funerals and houses of mourning to pay their respects to the bereaved families. The People of Israel became one family.

Titled Like a Brother, the new video welcomes viewers to “the world of distinction, a world where I am I and you are you,” with photographs of a variety of individuals representing different cultures and lifestyles. The message: We should not only respect, but also appreciate “the beauty of diversity.”

Green also authored Journey to the Soul, a book offering advice on how to discover one’s own individuality, which will be published soon by Mosaica Press.

Citing the important rule of the Torah, to “love your neighbor as yourself,” Green explains:

“First we must love ourselves, and only then will we have the ability to love others.”

Green, who hails from Toronto, Canada, and studied music composition at Indiana University, won a variety of film festival awards, including the prestigious Cannes and CableACE.

His well-known CDs include Journey to the Real You and Jerusalem – Eye of the Universe,which was featured on United with Israel (available on CD and MP3 from www.dovidmusic.com, iTunes, Amazon and other online stores).