Hillary Clinton. (AP/Charlie Neibergall) (AP/Charlie Neibergall)
Hillary Clinton

The latest release of emails sent by Hillary Clinton shows the current Democratic presidential front-runner corresponded with Sidney Blumenthal, who referred her to his son’s anti-Zionist writings and opprobrium of Israeli policies.

The State Department’s New Year’s Eve release of over 5,000 pages of former secretary of state and current Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server reveals correspondence with one-time adviser Sidney Blumenthal regarding Israel, with Blumenthal citing the work of his son, writer Max Blumenthal.

The younger Blumenthal, author of the book Goliath, is a fervent critic of Israeli policies and a self-described anti-Zionist. The senior Blumenthal referred his son’s work to the secretary of state, sending her transcripts and links to articles. On at least one occasion, Clinton appears to have asked that one of the younger Blumenthal’s articles be printed out in multiple copies for distribution.

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By: JNS.org