Husband and children of Lucy Dee attend her funeral at the Gush Etzion Regional Cemetery in Kfar Etzion on April 11, 2023. Lucy died from her injuries from a terror attack a few days ago, along with two of her daughters who were killed in the attack. Photo by Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90 Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90
Lucy Dee funeral

After burying their sisters and daughters, the Dee family had to go through another gut-wrenching funeral for their wife and mother.

Days after burying their sisters and daughters, the remaining members of the Dee family had to relive the trauma and bury their mother and wife, Lucy Dee, who succumbed to her wounds from the shooting attack.

Lucy, Maia, and Rina Dee were murdered by terrorists who opened fire on the Dees’ passing vehicle and shot the women with two dozen bullets.

The remaining family members gave heartbreaking eulogies that are full of raw pain. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dee family.