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An Israel NGO has created the most comprehensive information directory of Israeli medical technology companies to help countries battle the coronavirus.

By United with Israel Staff

Start-Up Nation Central, an independent non-profit that connects businesses, governments, and NGO leaders worldwide to Israeli Innovations, launched a comprehensive, updated directory of over 70 Israeli high-tech companies offering medical technology solutions to help battle the  coronavirus (COVID-19).

The comprehensive information directory provides details about companies offering a “variety of solutions to reduce the burden on health systems and limit direct contact with potential patients in countries dealing with the crisis.”

The directory is organized into five categories. The largest section lists companies involved in remote monitoring. These systems include conducting diagnoses of patients and suspected patients remotely, minimizing exposure to medical personnel and prioritizing treatment of patients based on severity of the illness.

The second largest category lists diagnostics and decision support for medical teams. Included are companies “that enable identifying patients according to samples of their voice, in accordance with various symptoms and data entered into the system about symptomatic patients, who are at a higher risk in the first place.”

The protection and prevention section has a company that created fabrics that protect the wearer from virus infection.

The directory also includes entities that address the social and mental aspects of treating coronavirus and those that studythe treatment of patients, including companies that offering treatments using proteins found in human plasma.

“Israeli innovation can help [the world] cope with the corona crisis, which is placing a growing existential danger before the whole world,” Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central, said in a statement. “The Israeli brain has extensive experience of times of emergency and thinking outside the box and we want to do our bit in this difficult hour.”



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