Dolls that had been destined for Palestinian towns and cities in order to help brainwash Palestinian children to hate Jews, were discovered by Israeli customs officials recently. Instead, the dolls will now be used to educate the world about Palestinian incitement. 

Israel will use recently-seized children’s dolls, ordered by the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a means to incitement to violence, as a method of explaining Israel’s complex reality and the dangers it faces.

Customs officials at Haifa’s port uncovered some 4,000 “incitement dolls,” masked figures of a Palestinian rioter holding stuffed rocks, en route from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the Palestinian Authority (PA), apparently for distribution among the young and easily impressionable Palestinian children.

Israel has decided that the world must witness this travesty first-hand and has sent the dolls to Israeli embassies around the world.

“The dolls were on their way to the PA with one clear objective – to poison the minds of innocent children,” Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, who initiated the project, stated. “The instruction comes to show countries that give money to the PA that until there is a dramatic change in the Palestinian education system and in the narrative of the Palestinian leadership – which only sows fear and hatred – we will not be able conduct any dialogue with our neighbors.”

Hotovely has also recently launched a campaign to stop the funding by foreign governments of organizations that operate against Israel, inside and outside it.

The Palestinian leadership is notorious for its engagement in all means of incitement against Israelis, including through children’s TV shows and sports events,

Israel has been suffering from a three-month-long wave of Palestinian terror attacks, and Israel says that the Palestinian leadership’s dissemination of lies, incitement and libels against Israel has been the driving force behind the attacks, which has claimed the lives of 21 victims.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel