Even the Palestinians are protesting the human rights abuses and corruption of the PA. 

Palestinian lawmaker Najat Abu Bakir on Saturday continued a sit-in strike at the headquarters of the Palestinian Legislative Council for the tenth consecutive day, protesting that human rights in the Palestinian Authority are “severely bleeding due to restrictions on freedoms.”

She said in a statement Saturday said she refused to leave the Palestinian parliamentary building until her case was “solved under Palestinian law which protects her and grants her immunity,” the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported.

Political controversy initially erupted last week when PA security forces reportedly attempted to detain Abu Bakir for publicizing corruption charges against a Palestinian minister.

The PA leadership is notorious for its corruption and its suspected embezzlement of millions in foreign aid.

Abu Bakir began her sit-in after the PA attorney-general summoned her for interrogation on the matter on February 25. She called again on Saturday for the attorney-general to annul the summons, adding that she planned to move forward with legal procedures.

Abu Bakir has maintained that the official’s decision to bring her for interrogation was “illegal” due to her status as a lawmaker.

The lawmaker also slammed the PA leadership for putting the security of Palestinian civil society “in danger.”

“Most trade unions have been dissolved and others have been crippled, resulting in instability and fear amongst civil servants,” Abu Bakir said.

“The current situation in Palestine is a result of the domination of the executive branch over other authorities. This should ring a bell as it puts social security in danger,” Abu Bakir said.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly cited the PA for its abysmal track record in respecting human rights, the freedom of press and democracy.

By: United with Israel Staff

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