The member of the Palestinian security forces who committed Sunday’s shooting attack in the West Bank has become a hero on Arabic social media.

Since Amjad Sakari, the terrorist who served as a driver and body guard for a PA official, committed the terrorist attack — which left three IDF soldiers wounded, two of them critically – at the Focus checkpoint in Beit El near Ramallah, Palestinian Facebook pages and Twitter feeds have been full of praise for the “martyr,” who was killed by Israeli security forces.

According to Channel 2, photos, videos and memes have emerged honoring the 34-year-old, married father-of-four for his attempt to murder Israelis.

Hamas, too, is getting into the act, openly calling Sakari a “national hero,” and caricatures of the “VIP vengeance policeman” are circulating furiously.

As The Algemeiner reported on Sunday, Sakari, a resident of the town Jamma’in near Ramallah, warned of his intention to commit a terrorist attack on his Facebook page.

“It is worth living in this country, but unfortunately I don’t see anything that justifies life as long as the occupation darkens our souls and kills our brothers and sisters, may they rest in peace. God will heal our wounds and release us from our suffering. You are the first and we, with God’s help, will follow,” he wrote on Sunday, before driving to the checkpoint, where he pulled out a handgun and began shooting when Israeli soldiers asked to see his ID.

Following the attack, the IDF on Monday placed a partial blockage around Ramallah, allowing only residents to enter and leave the Palestinian city, The Jerusalem Post reported. This, said an army spokeswoman, was not only due to Sunday’s shooting attack, but also to “concrete alerts regarding future acts of terrorism.”

By: The Algemeiner