Israeli security forces at the scene of a thwarted stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday. (Muammar Awad/FLASH90) (Muammar Awad/FLASH90)
Thwarted stabbing attack


The Palestinian wave of terror continued Saturday with an attempted stabbing attack and violent protest in Jerusalem’s Old City and a car-ramming incident in Samaria. A soldier was lightly wounded.

Israeli policemen shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist as he tried stabbing them in Jerusalem on Saturday morning.

According to police spokeswoman Luba Samri, officers approached a man who had drawn their suspicions just outside the Old City for following a pair of Jewish worshipers. When confronted, he pulled out a knife and tried to stab one of the policemen, prompting other officers to open fire and kill the assailant, Samri said.

The terrorist was a resident of a Palestinian neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem.

Later in the day, also in the Old City, police forces fired tear gas to disperse several dozen protesters who were demanding that Israel hand over the bodies of Palestinian terrorists killed in attacks or during clashes with Israeli troops. The protesters joined hands and formed a human chain around parts of the Old City walls, and some of them began throwing stones at security officers.

Israel has been holding the bodies of several dozen Palestinians for fear that returning them will set off angry massive funeral processions, inciting further violence. Recently, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas ordered military funerals with full honors for terrorists and financial grants to the families. He also gave permission to wave Hamas flags at the processions, which are often attended by senior PA officials or even Abbas himself.

Elsewhere on Saturday, a Palestinian motorist rammed his car into a checkpoint in northern Samaria, near the city of Shechem (Nablus), and lightly injured a soldier stationed there. Troops on the scene opened fire at the terrorist, who died of his wounds shortly afterwards.

By: United with Israel Staff and AP