Four Israeli soldiers were run over in a most vicious high-speed vehicular attack. While the video has been circulating around the internet, viewer discretion is advised.

Four IDF soldiers were injured by a car-ramming Palestinian terrorist in Samaria, just east of the Tel Aviv district, Thursday afternoon. One of the victims is reportedly in serious condition.

The terrorist, Mahmoud abd al Halim abd al Hamid Salam, a 37-year-old resident of the village of Al Luban in Samaria, was caught in an overnight manhunt.

Earlier in the day, a six-month-old girl was injured by rock-throwing terrorists while traveling in the family car from Beitar Illit towards Jerusalem. The car window was shattered, and the infant was wounded by shards of glass.

Although we believe it’s important to see what Israelis are dealing with, viewer discretion is advised.