31-year-old Evyatar Borovsky, a resident of Yitzhar and father of five children, of whom the eldest was just seven years of age, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. The terrorist, who was a resident of Tulkarm, arrived at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria with the express purpose of killing Jews. This represented the first stabbing terror attack where an Israeli was murdered since 2011. However, last January, a 17-year-old Israeli was stabbed yet was treated for moderate wounds at the very same hitch-hiking post. There have been at least four attempted attacks there during the past month alone.

According to Chief Superintendent Shlomi Yosef, commander of the Border Guard’s Alon Battalion, “At approximately 8 am the terrorist arrived at the Tapauch Junction area from the south. He approached” an Israeli “who was standing at the bus stop, pulled out a knife from the bag he was holding and stabbed the civilian, who died of his wounds. The terrorist then took the civilian’s gun and opened fire at a nearby Border Guard post. Fighters who were manning the post returned fire, while the commander of the checkpoint ran toward the terrorist and managed to shoot him some 150 meters (492 feet) from the scene of the attack.”

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, the Rosh Yeshiva of a Kedumim High School, reported: “I saw three young women jump into the street. I then heard shots fired. I noticed a person who was lying on the ground get up with a gun in his hand. I slowed down and ducked so he wouldn’t see me. I then called the emergency center to notify them about the incident. I now understand that the terrorist nabbed the gun from the Jew he murdered and I was the first target he saw.”

The family of Evyatar Borovsky was quite devastated. His widow, Tzofia, called out, “Look, five orphans!” Evyatar’s father Baruch stated, “I can’t believe that I’m here. Surely tonight you’ll get up, you’ll laugh and say, ‘I fooled you.’ That’s what you always did, made everyone happy,” he said. He added, “Go before G-d and say, ‘I am the last sacrifice.’”

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu stated following the incident, “I want to extend my condolences, and the condolences of the entire Israeli people, to the family of Evyatar Borovsky, may he rest in peace. The terrorist who perpetrated the murder has been apprehended and we will continue to act on this front as well to protect our citizens.” Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotoveli also said, “The terror attack in the Shomron is a direct result of the incitement coming from the heart of the Palestinian Authority against Israel and the Jewish people, and the responsibility falls on the Palestinian Authority and those that stand at its head.”

By Rachel Avraham